The Terpene Experience will be an event like no other. It’s an interactive day set within an educational environment exclusively geared towards terpenes. Included in the experience will be companies from the cannabis, alcohol, and aromatherapy industries. It will be herbal heaven galore.

The expo will feature nose and scent games, Terp Pong, Terp spas, an interactive demo stage with battles, a conference room with industry professional speakers, and a workshop DIY room.

  • Now to July 25th 2018 – 30% off
    Regular Booth: $1493
    Corner Booth: $2030
  • July 25th 2018 to Sep 25th 2018 – 20% off
    Regular Booth: $1707
    Corner Booth: $2320
  • Sep 25th 2018 to Nov 25th 2018 – 10% off
    Regular Booth: $1920
    Corner Booth: $2610
  • Nov 25th 2018 to Jan 25th 2019 – Full Price
    Regular Booth: $2134
    Corner Booth: $2900
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